Semi-Precious Stone Meanings and Properties

Purple = strong stones for the childbearing year (pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding.)

Green  = strong FERTILITY stones. 

Agate - All agates foster love.  Balance, precision, perception, eliminates negativity.  Agates help balance Yin/Yang energy.  Agate can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision while also increasing perceptiveness to situations. Is said to awaken our inherent talents and can be used to produce inspiration from and connectedness with the entities residing in the spiritual worlds. It has been reported to strengthen the sight, to diminish thirst, and to promote marital fidelity. (see also blue lace agate, botswana agate, dragon's vein agate, grey agate, yellow agate, indian agate, moss agate, tree agate)

African Jade  (Transvaal Garnet) - Promote relaxation, bring good fortune and wealth, improve response during crises, help strengthen bonds in long distance relationships, and assist in business interactions.

Amazonite - "The Writer's Stone".  helps to eliminates worries and fears.   A soothing and calming stone, it aids us in releasing worries and fears so that we may communicate from the heart and break through our boundaries. Helps to bring clarity of thought, and to deal with chaos and find a place of centered harmony.

Amber - Amber is said to be a very strong healing stone allowing the body to heal itself.  Creates positive energy.  It helps one in the art of manifestation;  helping you realize your desires into reality.  Amber has been said to bring good luck.

Amethyst -  Amethyst helps you attain wisdom.   Sincerity.  Unifies all life.  It can help you let go of all that is old and all that holds you back - on every level and in every aspect of life - so that you may fully embrace your spiritual destiny.  It stirs the intuition.   Amethyst can also help you understand and let go of anything that keeps you attached to a condition.   Amethyst affects all your inner aspects, helping the wearer to let go of attachments.  Helps in healing addictions, alcoholism, withdrawal symptoms, and aids in curtailing compulsive behaviors.

Apatite - "Stone of the future".  is said to stimulate the intellect and helps to dissolve negativity.  This stone also helps in the development of clairvoyance, provide access to past-life information.  Helps to deepen meditation, eases hypertension, restores clear thoughts.   Good stone for reducing sugar addictions.

Aquamarine - "Stone of Courage".  evokes the sea in both its name and its color.  Helps to stabilize unsettled surroundings, reduces fear, aids sensitive & mystical people.  The ancients saw this as a stone of courage and felt that carrying it would help them return safe and prosperous from sea voyages. It aids in compassion, and tolerance, and facilitates communication both with others and with the deeper self.

Autumn Jasper - helps to attend to the details of life with efficiency and good humor.  Autumn Jasper calms and focuses the mind for dealing with whatever issues are most important at the time.  Autumn Jasper allows for prolonged mental effort and helps prevent procrastination.  Autumn Jasper assists one in making directed plans for the future.

Aventurine - Protects the heart, enhances creativity, and is an all purpose healer.  Initiates a deep purification of your physical body, especially the vital organs. It highlights and purifies the organ with the most limitations and greatest weakness.  Helps emotional pain and is a soothing stone.  Helps to enhance fertility.  (see also orange aventurine, yellow aventurine)

Bloodstone (Indian Agate) - Bloodstone is an intense healing stone, the "Stone of courage". It revitalizes love, relationships and friendships. It brings purification, orderliness, prosperity, and instills wisdom, enhances creativity, and supports decision making. It is also useful for blood disorders. Translucent or opaque green with blood red splashes.    Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to your body's needs.  Bloodstone also facilitates the removal of toxins from your body and enhances your cells' absorption of nutrients.

Blue Jade - recommended for aid in meditation. In addition to carrying the same generic properties as jade, blue jade symbolizes peace and reflection.  It has also been recognized to bring inner serenity and patience. This stone is for slow but steady progress and helps people who feel overwhelmed by situations beyond their control.

Blue Lace Agate - Provides perceptiveness to situations and awakens inherent talents. Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. aids in stress relief, relaxation and peacefulness, believed to strengthen gracefulness, creativity, inspiration and communication.  This softly beautiful stone is excellent as a sleep aid.

Botswana Agate - stimulates creativity,  helps to release repressed emotions and to help you from dwelling on problems.  It is a gentle, calming stone and wonderful for relieving stress and depression.  It aids our ability to cope with change and is a stone of comfort.

Bowenite (New Jade) - A bringer of abundance and confidence. Promotes balance.

Brecciated Jasper -  "Stone of Remembrance".  uplifting, rejuvenating energy that is said to encourage mental clarity, mental focus and feelings of deep happiness. It is also believed to absorb negative energy allowing you to develop a positive outlook on life.  In addition Brecciated Jasper is said to encourage empathy and communication with animals and could be of benefit to those who practice animal Reiki healing.

Carnelian - Carnelian carries the orange color ray. The orange ray nourishes and vitalizes your entire being, bestowing optimism and enthusiasm for life. At the cellular level, this life energy motivates cells to achieve greater health. On the whole-person level, it inspires you to make the changes that will move you towards your life's goal or dream.  Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony that is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. Like all agates, it has protection energies. It can aid memory, including recall of past lives. It can assist one in finding the right mate. It is also a stone of protection in general and from anger, jealousy and fear. In addition it can help with manifestation of one's desires, and brings good luck. Carnelian can help ease or remove sorrows. It also helps stabilize energies in the home.

Chalcedony (blue) - a dreamy stone with a gentle energy that fosters balance between mind, body and spirit. It is a calming and peaceful stone that reduces hostility, anger, and irritation. Blue chalcedony soothes and fosters mental and emotional stability and can facilitate emotional honesty. It also encourages and eases communication, particularly what would otherwise be emotionally charged communication. Blue chalcedony is excellent for the psychic work and skills of clairvoyance, intuition, and energy healing. It also helps reduce or eliminate bad dreams by getting rid of the influences that cause them. It has a very protective property, which is evidenced in both the physical and emotional realms, and it is used often for protection from the evil eye and protection from evil, particularly evil magic. Physically, blue chalcedony has been used for the eyes, healing, alzheimers, blood, circulation, bones, spleen, and gall bladder.  This is also a good stone for breastfeeding increase milk supply, calm both mother & baby, and for gentleness.  Helps insomnia & sleeping problems.

Chrysocolla - Helps decrease emotional heartbreak and give renewed strength and balance.  It gives strength and balance in expression and communication and prevents you from saying something you shouldn't say in a particular situation.  It is a grounding, balancing and stabilizing  gemstone.  Helps you find inner strength in stressful times, promotes physical vitality.  It also promotes powerful experiences when used at the third eye.  Thought to be a cancer healing stone.

Chrysoprase- Chrysoprase instills a state of grace, facilitating deep meditative states, non-judgmental attitudes, and acceptance of others and ones self. It encourages the maximum beneficial outcome to situations and helps to heal a "broken heart". It encourages fidelity in business and personal affairs. It is useful in treating disorders of the heart, in increasing ones dexterity, and for treating the reproductive organs A luminous, translucent pale green.

Citrine - Citrine prepares your body, emotions, and mind to accept a greater flow of the yellow color ray. The yellow ray is the aspect of the life force that helps us release what no longer serves and to accept what we need in order to move to the next higher state. This aspect of Citrine also has a greater overall purpose - to help you fulfill your spiritual potential by encouraging you to embrace ever-greater states of consciousness.  Aids kidneys, liver, spleen, & intestines.  Citrine is associated with prosperity, success in business dealings and abundance. It promotes optimism and encourages harmony in the home and work environments. It is an excellent stone to stimulate the third (solar plexus) chakra promoting stamina and activating intuition. Citrine transmutes negativity and is considered to balance the thyroid, activate the thymus and improve circulation.  This stone brings a bright, sunny, sensual warmth to your life.

Copper - stimulate the flow of energy and hence move psychic energies thereby helping the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies, resulting in a more vitalized person with amplified thoughts. They also attribute powers of communication, channeling, cleansing, purification, increasing self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.

Coral - Protection stone for children.  Pink coral increases sensitivity, caring & compassions....Red or orange coral stimulates & energizes emotions, and can be used for fertility, metabolism, thyroid, muscles, & heart.   Red coral is also brings passion, & is good for blood and circulatory system issues, kidney, bladder, epilepsy, bone and bone marrow, eye problems, and the respiratory system.

Crazy Lace Agate - balances physical energies and can be used to reach high physical levels.. Swirls or yellow, red and brownish black in a lacy pattern.

Dalmation Jasper - a light brown coloured jasper with black spots. As a Brown Jasper it has the properties of all Jaspers plus those of Brown Jasper.   Brown jaspers, including Dalmatian Jasper, are very grounding stones, imparting calm and tranquillity. Placing a large piece of Brown Jasper in a room is believed to absorb negative energy, and to reduce geopathic and environmental stress. Brown jasper is also said to strengthen the resolve to give up smoking.  In healing all Brown Jaspers are believed to boost the immune system and to help clear toxins from the body.

Dragon's Vein Agate - Focal stone, used as  a talismans and  amulets for thousands  of years.  It is said to eliminate  auric negativity, to  stimulate creativity, courage, harmony, and balance the emotional and physical bodies with the etheric.  It has been used to help balance the  yin/yang  energies  and stimulate  the Crown  Chakra.  It is also said to help connect to the Spirit Worlds.

Emerald -   "Stone of Hope".  Emerald brings life, nourishment, and healing to your physical body. It helps resolve your greatest physical disharmonies with the life-giving green ray it carries. Emerald is the gemstone bearer of the green ray, an essential element for the life of all plants, animals, and human beings.   Aids depression, enhances the immune system, and improves physical abilities.


Fancy Jasper - "Stone of Practicality".  intensifies and lightens the feeling of well-being, helping one to lighten up and enjoy themselves more, yet in a subtle way.  It can relieve fear, frustration and guilt, building an inner strength and confidence.  It is a particularly good stone for bringing energies of wholeness and healing to an environment or situation.

Fluorite - Purple- intuition. Green - cleansing. Fluorite brings order from chaos. It is the "stone of discernment and aptitude" that acts as a protective, psychic shield and auric cleanser. It also helps relationships and encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect and emotional well-being.  Both are good balancers, & healers.  Fluroite is also a good protective stone.

Fossil Stone - a good stone to aid business transactions or business matters in general, good for communication, helps to motivate & get things done, inspires creativity, & helps to give direction & purpose.  Peaceful aging.

Garnet - "Stone of Constancy".  "Stone of Commitment". "Stone of Health".  It helps dissolve negative energy.  It speeds up manifestation by bring your creative energies to the forefront.  Garnets have a loving energy and monitors the flow of energy to the psychic centers so that you will be balanced in  your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Garnets are very cleansing and purifying.  Stimulates creativity, passion, & the circulatory system.


Goldstone - this is a human made stone, comprised of glass infused with flecks of Copper.  It is believed to store the energy of those who touch it, making it an excellent gift for loved ones who are far away.  It also contains the properties of copper; uplifting, helpful for stomach tension, and for protection of the center of the body.  It is said to be a good 'conductor' of energies from the higher realms to our world. Perhaps this is why Copper has long been used as a healing talisman, as in the Copper bracelets worn to treat arthritis.

Green Jasper - Green Jasper is a stone of balance that heals and releases disease and obsession.  It boosts the immune system and detoxifies all the body’s systems.  Protects against pollution.  Green Jasper treats skin disorders and dispels bloating.  It heals ailments of the upper torso, the digestive tract, and the purifying organs.

Green Opal - A strong childbirth stone.  Awakens and helps understanding of psychic intuition and mysticism. Encourages living authentically in feeling and action, with faithfullness and loyalty. Helpful for eyesight and during childbirth. Green Opal, in particular, is a cleansing and rejuvenating gemstone that gives meaning to life and brings about spiritual perspective, while strengthening the immune system.

Grey Agatebrings the wearer good luck  .It was used in ancient times as a talisman to protect from storms and quench thirst.  Use this stone to foster love, bring abundance, relieve stress and give peace of mind.

Hematite - "Stone of the Mind".  It helps with memory, with intellectual knowledge and the realizations of limitations. It is a calming stone and balances the nervous system or brings balance between the body, mind and spirit.  It helps in attaining a meditative state and to feel more grounded - it gets rid of fuzzy-headedness or that light headed feeling.  One of the most grounding stones among all.

Honey Jasper - (Yellow Jasper) - assists in feeling strong and balanced in social settings, protects, balances the solar plexus chakra, heightens awareness, helps to ward off negative energies, & protects during travel.

Howlite - absorbs and uplifts tension, anxiety, stress.  Is a loving, calming stone.

Iolite - spiritual growth, awakens inner knowledge.  Good for truth, simplicity, imagery, & peace.  Is a good stone for detoxifying from addictions.

Jade - "Stone of Magic".  aids in remembering dreams, helps in realization of potential.  It helps provide confidence and self-sufficiency.  In ancient times it was viewed as a sacred stone and aids in attaining a meditation state quickly. Helps balance male and female energies, is a talisman of protection against the visible (illness) and the invisible.  In China it is said to bless those who have this stone. (see also blue jade, nephrite, peace jade, white jade, yellow jade).

Jasper - "Stone of Harmony".  "Supreme Nurturer".  Jasper is a sacred & magical stone, helping us to share with others and knowledge that we are not alone. Aids stamina and enables us to endure energy draining situations.  It promotes general health & was worn by healers in ancient times. Good for digestive system - in particular, the stomach and stimulates circulation.  Jasper is said to provide protection, and to have a calming effect, giving stability and security. Jasper is also said to balance one's physical, emotional and intellectual states. Jaspers are considered the patron stone to counselors and therapists.  Thought important for women during childbirth - holding a piece of Jasper in the hand during childbirth is said to help relieve pain and guard the mother and child. Jasper brings joy into life. (see also autumn jasper, brecciated jasper, dalmation jasper, fancy jasper, fish scale jasper, green jasper, honey jasper, kiwi jasper, leopard skin jasper, ocean jasper, picasso jasper, picture jasper, poppy jasper, rainforest jasper, red jasper)



Kiwi Jasper (Sesame Jasper) - It’s a nurturing stone, a good stone for the healers to use on the behalf of others. A good stone for people in counseling or therapy, who want to overcome addictions or compulsive behavior, & gather up their strength for the battles ahead (emotional). It is a power stone for those who stand for justice & fair play.  Kiwi/Sesame Jasper stone facilitates shamanic journeys and recalls dreams. It absorbs negative energy’s and gives protection; it will cleanse and aligns the charkas and the aura, which in turn balances yin and yang. It is a stone that is very good for electromagnetic and environmental pollution.

Kunzite - enhances psychic images, communication, & meditation.  Good for visualization and tranquility.  Brings peace, love, and compassion into the heart. Opens the heart to trust, aids in security and fear brought on by others. More importantly, Kunzite is seen as a stone of 'balance', it works to create a balance between the physical and emotional bodies. Some feel that this stone will help one to be more disciplined, encouraging one to follow through with their task to the completion. For those who are erratic in their thinking, use Kunzite to allow you to focus on your task at hand.

Kyanite - facilitates meditation, aids in dream recall, stimulates communication and psychic awareness.  Kyanite is said to be very usefull in enhancing one's creativity, broadening one's perspective, and in reaching a better understanding with others. Kyanite is also said to bring calm and tranquility, and to facilitate meditation. Helps clear sinus congestion, and to help in the treatment of muscular disorders.

Labradorite -  Labradorite is said to bring clarity of inner sight and progression.  It helps protect the aura keeping it clear, balanced protected and free from energy leaks.  It helps transform intuition to the intellect helping you to use inner messages.  Labradorite is said to help you realize and achieve your destiny in this life while enhancing faith and reliance in your self.

Lapis Lazuli - "Stone of Royalty".  A strong midwives stone. helps you to access the unknown universal knowledge and have the wisdom to understand it.  It helps expand awareness and intellect.  When there are emotional issues that cause disease, Lapis helps diminish the external symptoms and release problems related to the disease.  This stone eases depression and balances male and female energies.  It is also a protective stone.  Lapis Lazuli harmonizes your heart and mind as it forges stronger bonds between them. The energy radiated by Lapis can help you experience the energy and power you possess within.   A powerful thought amplifier.  Encourages truthfulness.

Leopard Skin Jasper - "Stone of Nurturing".  Stone of St. Francis.  helps draw into your life whatever you need for physical healing.


Malachite - The traditional "Midwife's Stone" often connected to goddess energy.  "Stone of Transformation".  Malachite promotes harmony and improves communication throughout your physical body. Its soothing energy moves down and up the inside of your body in rhythmic waves, alerting your body to its own disharmonies and healing ever more deeply-seated areas of distress.   Improves sleep.

Mookaite - a good emotional protector, helps to balance the internal and external, and assists with acceptance of change.  Is said to enhance the immune system. Mookaite helps one to deal with negative situation, decision making, and can act as an emotional shield against danger.

Moonstone - "Traveler's Stone".  promotes intuition while helping you to apply the knowledge.  Moonstone energy relates to new beginnings and helps one to understand your destiny.  Helps you to get rid of emotional tension and enhances creativity.  Moonstone provides a connection to our physical, emotional and intellectual bodies to help us remove obstacles and progress on our paths while giving us guidance.  It is also known as a talisman of good fortune and protects us while traveling.

Moss Agate- Moss Agate provides healing and growth. It balances the blood sugar level and helps self -esteem and emotional balancing. A gorgeous stone that can be translucent to opaque with moss-like inclusions.  Some pieces look like they have moss growing right on them!  Moss Agate brings abundance, prosperity, and success.  It is a stone that helps resolve and bring peace to a life with difficult responsibilities or duties and is excellent for overcoming addictions.  Has been called a 'gardener's stone' as it can help to bring an abundant crop.  Helpful for depression and emotional hurts.

 Mother of Pearl -  "Stone of Good Fortune".  Mother-of-Pearl helps to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and adaptability. It helps with clarity in decision making.  Mother of Pearl stirs and awakens the primordial memory of your origin in the infinite ocean of divine love. It stirs this memory in your thoughts, your feelings, and in every cell of your physical body....produces an overall calming effect as it gently stirs the life energy of your cells. Like waves lapping the shore, this stirring is steady, relaxing, and rhythmical.

Nephrite (a type of Jade) - Health, wealth, longevity stone and provides a gentle, steady energy. Nephrite is known as a heart stone.  It is said to help keep the physical heart and kidneys functioning normally, thus prolonging life.  It is also associated with the Heart and throat chakras.  Being a heart stone, it can help one gain emotional strength, attract and maintain love, and clear the air between two partners after a disagreement.  Nephrite Jade is a clearing and blessing stone, and as such, it is useful to keep with other stones and tools.  This is a very loving and protective can help you communicate with your spiritual guides or guardian angels, and bring their presence more clearly into your daily life.

Obsidian - for objectivity, grounding.  Helps to absorb anger, criticism, and fear.  Obsidian is a very protective stone, and is excellent for removing negativity. It is also excellent protection against psychic attacks. In particular obsidian protects the gentle from abuse. It is a very grounding stone, and very healing. Physically it benefits the stomach, intestines, muscle tissue, and can rid one of bacterial or viral infections. It sharpens and focuses internal and external vision, and helps get in touch with buried issues before they explode. Obsidian is related to the root chakra. 

Ocean Jasper -Ocean Jasper is very soothing and helps to love one's self as well as others. It is very healing of the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. The circulars patterns on ocean jasper symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected and nature is a cyclical pattern. It can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation. Being a type of jasper, ocean jasper is a very protective stone, and any orbs ("eyes") enhance this in regard to protection from the "evil eye." Physically, ocean jasper is beneficial to the digestion, digestive organs, removing toxins, lessen body odor. Ocean Jasper is related to the heart chakra.  This new rock has been found along the northwest coast of Madagascar after years of unsuccessful searching. The deposit formed similar to a rhyolite flow but has been totally resilicated. The rhyolitic spheres or orbs come in an astonishing array of colors and color combinations. The background can be white, pink,, green, red or yellow. Botryoidal formations as well as white and deep green druzy are also common. The deposit, being located at the edge of the ocean, can only be seen and collected from at low tide. This remote area has no roads so the material must be transported to civilization by boat. Ocean Jasper is produced from only one mine near Marovato.

Onyx - wise decision making, dispels grief, encourages happiness and good fortune. Onyx can help you break undesirable patterns or habits.   Enhances self control and self confidence.  Promotes personal strength, both mentally and physically. Protective.  Black onyx is associated with the first or base chakra. It helps with wound healing, childbirth and increases stamina and self-control. It is a grounding stone that is beneficial for controlling and eliminating excess or unwanted energies. It assists with challenges in life, in particular those caused by a drain of energy. It prevents the draining away of personal energy.
Onyx repels negativity, aids in grounding, helps overcome feelings of loneliness and alienation & comforts in unfamiliar surroundings. It allows us to let go of the physical, relax and flow with the natural energies, bringing higher inspiration and aiding detachment. Helps with hearing and listening to our inner voice. Assists in emotional balance, self-control and in relieving stress. It helps with perseverance, humility, good morals, deep thoughts and spiritual strength. Onyx will purify negative emotions.  Onyx also helps align and center one with their higher power. It enhances self control, banishes grief, and stimulates wise decision making. Brings good fortune when needed. Helps one become the master of their own future. Dispels nightmares and aids marital happiness.

Opal - a sensitive stone that is receptive to the wearer's needs, opals amplify your traits & thoughts allowing for the release of inhibitions.  Opals allow for true and spontaneous actions, helping to release feelings that have been pent up.  This is a stone of creativity, encouraging the flow of creative energies.  A good stone for writers.  Opals are a good choice for metabolism problems and fatigue.  Helps to awaken the psychic or mystical attributes that lie within.  Good for communication...and the ability to clearly express yourself, to connect with others, and to voice your opinions.  Assists in letting go of anger & is a memory aid.

Orange Aventurine - good for opening and balancing the Sacral Chakra. Great when dealing with issues of self-worth. 

Encourage perseverance.  Amplify and focus energies of creativity, vitality, and determination, thereby finding new ways to overcome challenges in one's life.   

Peace jade - is actually a mixture of Serpentine, Stichtite, and Quartz. The result is a beautiful stone showing subtle blends of spring green and creamy white with the occasional hint of lavender.  A powerful stone which is believed to bring tranquility, protection, peace and serenity.

Pearl - "Stone of Health".  It signifies faith and helps one to focus.  It provides a vehicle for advancing states of wisdom and helps you be a clearer channel to receive spiritual guidance.  Historically symbolic of purity, innocence and faith, pearls enhance personal integrity and help clear the mind so that it can be a clean channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance.  Enhances sincerity, truth and loyalty and bring calming reflection.  Very absorbing in nature.  Pearls are a good stone for fertility as well as birthing.

Peridot - "Stone of Friendship".  Helps one to understand the changes going on in their life, getting rid of negative patterns so that growth is possible.  Used for prosperity, growth, openness.  Helps to stimulate tissue regeneration.  Brings rebirth, renewal, and aids healings of all kinds.  Peridot is especially good for healing in relationships...easing anger, jealousies, and strengthening marriage bonds.  Peridot is also protecting.

Petrified Wood - Petrified wood is a chalcedony.  It is fossilized wood that has been replaced by chalcedony or silica...and sometimes opal meaning the nature of the wood has changed and become a stone version of what it originally was.  This means that petrified wood is a stone of transformation & change.  The stone itself has taken millions of years to become what it is, and these qualities are imparted on the wearer.  Patience, respect, reverence for time, aids in releasing worries or fears, is stabilizing & grounding.

Picasso Jasper - Picasso Jasper is said to help to remind us to celebrate life and to help us to realize that it is not too late to enjoy ourselves and to ‘live a little’.  Picasso Jasper is also believed to promote the development of creativity and to bring strength and self-discipline. It is thought to bring calm to difficult situations and to encourage us to relax and enjoy life.

Picture Jasper - "Stone of Global Awareness".  Picture Jasper is a form of Brown Jasper. It is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth. It is said to promote feelings of responsibility towards the planet, encouraging a need to care for and protect it.  Picture Jasper’s grounding energy can give you a strong sense of who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.  It is said to encourage creative visualisation, creativity and business pursuits. It is also said to help alleviate fear.  In healing Picture Jasper is believed to stimulate the immune system, to help clear pollutants and toxins from the body, and to cleanse the kidneys. It is believed to be useful when giving up smoking as it is said to strengthen the resolve.  Placing a large piece of Brown or Picture Jasper in a room is said to absorb negative energy.


Pietersite - carries the energy of the 'storm' element, and can purify one's body and energies. It is said to be tremendously energizing to the wearer, enhancing strength, courage, will power, and awareness of the higher planes. This stone has come to represent the movement and chaos that break up those energy patterns which are resistant to change. The energy of Pietersite is very forceful and jolts us into personal change. This stone represents change and indicates a need to make changes in your present life.  Dispels illusion and assisting one in the recognition of the beauty of the soul. It exhibits and energy conducive to the actualization of the loving characteristics of the "brotherhood" of humanity. It brings the potential of the individual to the perfection of the source of all being, stimulating dignified power and loving guidance. It promotes loyalty to the self and to the ultimate experience of life. It assists one in remaining open to experience, enabling the effect of an illuminated glory when one proceeds to "walk the stage of life'. It further allows one to see beyond the horizon or mirage, helping to support human courage, tenacity, and dauntless effort to both create and maintain beauty.  Spiritually and psychically, pietersite helps in working with angels, experiencing visions, and precognition, relating to feminine or goddess energy, as well as astral and dimensional travel. Emotionally, pietersite helps to relax, and release deep emotions in a calmer way. Physically, pietersite balances body fluids, improves nutrition, helps with gastrointestinal functions, and helps the endocrine glands, balances female homones, alleviates PMS and menopause symptoms. Pietersite is also excellent for improving memory.

Poppy Jasper - brings joy and protects.  Poppy Jasper enlivens your body, helps to break up physical impediments,  Poppy Jasper's energy is positive, happy, and joyful. It inspires, invigorates, and energizes your entire you the motivation, inspiration, and energy to act.  Poppy Jasper can give you the extra energy you sometimes need in order to get through challenging situations.

Prehnite - used for dreaming, remembering, & meditation.  Helps to draw new friends.  Increases inner knowledge, and contact with entities.  A protective stone as well.   Can be helpful for kidneys, bladder, and anemia.  Prehnite encourages compassion, forgiveness and acceptance and gives to us upliftment with a clear mind and heart.  This stone helps bonding in relationships, and helps create a feeling of contentment or feeling "one" with oneself and the world.  Prehnite has protective qualites.

Pyrite - Used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, scatteredness.  Helps stomach, intestines, ulcers; sulfur & mineral assimilation, circulation, body acidity imbalances. Great for grounding  after meditation, for increasing physical stamina, and stimulating the intellect.  Helps combat clumsiness & confusion.  Wonderful for end of pregnancy.

Quartz - (clear quartz/rock crystal) - "Stone of Power".  enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy. Quartz also enhances thoughts, as they are a form of energy. Because it directs and amplifies energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. It is also beneficial for storing and retrieving information of all types, as information is a form of energy pattern also. This makes them particularly good for programming. Due to its ability to balance, quartz is excellent for harmonizing and balancing one's environment. Quartz is also good for energizing other crystals.  It is also powerfully protective. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Because it clarifies though processes and emotions it increases inspiration and creativity. Quartz is also a stone of harmony because it balances energies, and is even helpful in romantic relationships.  Quartz is a Master Healer stone. It is an excellent all purpose healer. It amplifies healing energy and is used to perform diagnostic healing. It has been used historically to detect food poison. It is said to draw out pain. Quartz fortifies and strengthens all systems of the body. Quartz is reputed to be particularly effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, fibromyalgia, intestinal troubles.

Rainforest Jasper - (also known as rhyolite) a stone of resolution and perseverance. It is said to help communication of all kinds, and helps one listen easily and without distorting the message one is hearing. It is also a wonderful stone for meditation. Rainforest Jasper balances the feminine/masculine energies.  Is said to bring joy, healing, and protection.  Rhyolite represents change, variety and progress. It is said to light the fire of creativity within the soul and help with self-realization; it's believed to balance the emotions and increase self-respect, self-worth and the capacity to love.

Red Jasper - said to be a useful stone for self-healing, providing a consistent flow of beneficial energies that help one to embody wholeness. Red Jasper offers grounding and strength, and is recommended for those who wish to be in union with the earth.

Red Malachite - Red Malachite is associated with energy and courage. Known as a gemstone that celebrates life, it encourages the bearer to enjoy life and celebrate being alive. When used with spiritual intention, Red Malachite dispels fear and increase stamina.

Red Tiger Eye - Useful for enhancing physical vitality, this stone can help create healthy patterns in exercise and eating habits. It is grounding and offers a practical and optimistic outlook. It helps the wearer feel energetic, vibrantly healthy and passionate.  Helps to diminish anxiety.

Rhodochrosite -  "Stone of Love and Balance".  helps develop inner freedom by neutralizing the destructive behavioral patterns that restrict personal growth and undermine physical health. Promotes energy to help you rebuild a healthy, solid, and efficient emotional foundation.   For loneliness, loss, healing of matters of the heart, inner child issues.  Healing for abuse issues and insecurities.  A stone of love and balance, it emits the power of love. It assists in creating a world of love and dreams. It helps heal childhood trauma. It gently energizes, purifies, and provides stability and encourages health.  This mineral has been called a "Stone of Love and Balance", providing balancing and love on all levels for all bodies. It contains pulsating electrical energy which emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of love. Rhodochrosite is also an Earth stone for healing of the Earth and for showing love to the Mother of us all. It helps one to serve the planet in Her time of need, allowing for one to recognize that the responsibility is actually a joy. It removes tendencies toward avoidance or denial and helps one to be willing to both accept and to integrate "new" information while maintaining a clarity of intellect and a moderate ideal of practicality.  Said to help with the nervous system, thyroid, as it strengthens the immune system. It increases self esteem and balances trauma.

Rhodonite - "Stone of Love".  stabilizes your emotions. It soothes and brings order to feelings that are scattered, imbalanced, or ungrounded. Helps to transform your emotional foundation, making it more solid and secure. When your emotional foundation is improved, your body and emotions can find harmony with each other and respond to life situations in appropriate, healthy ways.  Helpful for confusion, and for expression of love or service.

Rose Quartz - "stone of Gentle Love".  brings love, is calming and soothing.  It is used  to increase self love and feelings of self worth. It brings healing and clarity to the heart and allows the wearer to learn to trust again. Balancing the emotions and healing emotional wounds, it brings peace and calm. It is especially powerful in times of stress or loss, helping the wearer to slow down and take it easy. Its loving nurturing energy takes away fears, resentment and anger and gently replaces them with a feeling of higher self esteem and confidence. Wear this and open yourself to love.

Ruby - "Stone of Passion".  for wealth, joy, sexual energy, power.  It augments and intensifies all emotions.  Very stimulating....can bring anger or negativity quickly to the surface.  Stirs up passion....benefits the heart and circulatory system.  Aids fertility.

Ruby Zoisite-  amplifies the entire energy field of the body and helps reach and utilize talents and abilities of the mind. It stimulates psychic abilities and improves disorders of the heart. It encourages one to follow bliss The ruby will light the darkness of ones life to conquer darkness on all levels. It brings lucidity to the dream state, It also helps toxins and chemicals to exit the body quickly. Deep green with rosy red patches.

Rutilated Quartz - is an energizing stone that boosts energy and helps focus one's mental energies. It is also said to attract love and stabilize relationships. Rutilated quartz said to be particularly effective for getting things moving energetically. Good for balance, repelling negative energies and unwanted interference, and promotes clarity of thought.  Rutilated quartz is also said to enhance one's understanding in difficult situations, thus facilitating timely and appropriate solutions. It is also said to relieve depression and loneliness, and to help provide new direction and enhance creativity.  Rutilated quartz is said to slow down the aging process and to help strengthen the immune system. It is also said to be a strong healer and to be helpful in recovering from radiation exposure.

Sapphire - "Stone of Faithfulness".  is said to rid one of unwanted thoughts and bring peace and joy to the mind while opening intuition.  Sapphire is known as the "stone of prosperity".  It fulfills dreams and desires of the consciousness.  Good for depression and inspiration.  Ancient civilizations believed that the power of wisdom is contained within sapphire. They believed that when the wearer of a Sapphire faces challenging obstacles, the stone's power enables them to find the correct solution. Sapphire improves mental clarity and clear thinking. It clears mental garbage. It is the carrier of the blue ray.Because of its blue color, sapphire is associated with the throat and brow chakras--where energy imbalances are said to cause sore throats, headaches and nightmares. Sapphire improves mental clarity and clear thinking. It clears mental garbage. Natural healers use Sapphire to help rid of unwanted thoughts, bring joy, peace and wealth. It is also thought to help heal blood problems.

Serpentine (Lemon Jade)- Serpentine helps the meditative state.  It can be used to help disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system and the mental structure.  Is said to restore self-confidence, dispel fear and enhance meditation. It also is believed to balance female hormones and increase milk production in nursing mothers.


Shell - provides growth in all areas.  Stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and promotes better or clearer decision making.

Silver Leaf Agate- Silver Leaf agates are very grounding and balancing, they open the wearer for acceptance, protection and abundance. Brown, gray and creamy white with interesting patterns.

Smoky Quartz - dissolves negative energy and lets positive energy in.  Helps with depression, stress, nightmares, PMS, reproductive problems.  Grounding.

Sodalite - helps one arrive at conclusions logically instead of emotionally while eliminating confusion.   A good communication and writing stone.  Helps a person to be more objective and less critical.  Boosts the immune system.  Sodalite also frees your physical body of the negative mental energies that impede the body's functioning and interfere with the expression of its true energetic nature.

Sun Sitara - a stone of wisdom and science, teaching us to reach for the stars, and reminding us of the light within darkness. It is infused with copper sparkles, a powerful energy generator.

Sunstone - Energizing, empowering, honors the male/god energies, strengthens the life force.  Helpful for clearing chakras, general health, and empowering self worth.  It's beautiful glittering rays help to ease depression and invigorate physical energy.  Sunstone is excellent for increasing sexual energy as well as healing sexual disfunction.

Tanzanite - stimulates the third eye and the crown chakra so that you are better able to receive and communicate visions.  It is also a very protective stone inviting safety in all situations and activities.  It is called the 'stone of magic' as it helps bring the 'will' into manifestation.     Facilitates spiritual awareness and insight, dispels negativity.   


Tiger Eye - enhances psychic abilities, balancing. brings clarity and enhances psychic ability. It can help discipline sexual, emotional life and allows one's life to open and blossom. A stone to stimulates wealth and helps to maintain it. It brings protection, practicality, softens stubbornness and balances male/female energy.  Aids in confidence, draws people & material possessions to the wearer.

Tiger Iron - A banded mineral composed of tiger eye, red jasper and hematite, tiger iron stimulates the vitality and enhance the immune systems. It strengthens force of will and courage and can be utilized as a protective shield.

Topaz - "Stone of Fidelity".  helps to correct disorders in the body, manifests health, promotes kindness, compassion, and empathy.  Enhances awareness, helps a person to exert change in their world, good for manifestation of dreams & goals. 

Tourmaline - "Stone of Hope".  Tourmaline is said to attract inspiration and diminish fear by promoting understanding.  It also encourages self-confidence.  Strengthens body & spirit, good for the nervous system.  Very good for people with weakened immune systems.  All of the different colors of tourmaline are said to have different Tourmaline is a good healing stone that some gem healers consider the strongest of all green stones. Helps achieve balance in all areas, extremely beneficial for the nervous system, brain, and immunological system, stimulates creativity and communication and helps you recognize and avoid negative energies before they become damaging. Recommended for people who wish to better understand their own spirituality.  Pink & red are considered good for emotional and spiritual love, healing loss, emotional pain, fear, self-gentleness (especially with severe illness like cancer, emphysema)...has very loving energies.  This color strengthens, grounds/rejuvenates, warms. Unites heart and body for love, courage, passion, energy, stamina, steadiness. Is said to bring emotional balance, lovingness, devotion in a down-to-earth way. Helps detach from personal pain, releases reproductive blocks and to stimulate fertility.  Used to strengthen and detoxify blood and immune system and to ease radiation effects.

Turquoise - "Stone of Contentment".  cleansing, protection, the "master healer".   It is a wonderful healing and cleansing stone and provides protection.    It is also a grounding stone and provides strength and protection during meditation.  It brings peace of mind.  Turquoise brings clarity, balances male and female energies, induces wisdom and understanding and increases your psychic powers. A good absorber of negativity.

Tree Agate - Tree Agate is a white crystal with green markings. It is an extremely stabilizing stone that can help you to feel safe and secure even in the most challenging situations. It is also said to endow you with the strength to face unpleasant circumstances with poise and self-control, helping you to extract positives from a bad situation.  Tree Agate is believed to provide a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature. It is a good stone for plants and trees and can be gridded around a growing area to improve the health of the plants.  Tree Agate is a slow acting crystal and should be worn, or carried, for long periods of time to get the full benefit.

Unakite -  brings self assertiveness, power, and the ability to assume complete control. It focuses in present and helps one deal with blockages caused by the past. It can help treat the reproductive system, and stimulate healthy pregnancies. Helpful in the release of pent up emotions or feelings.    Is a traditional stone for childbirth.

Vessonite - a green garnet - good healing stone, aids calming & forgiving.  Invites new growth & serenity.  Vessonite also aids fertility & helps to achieve a stable pregnancy.  Brings calmness & stability to those involved in legal matters.

White Agate“The ultimate pregnancy stone”.  It helps to protect mother and baby from harm, soothes labour pains, eases morning sickness, ensures a healthy milk flow for the baby.

White Jade - filters distractions, pulls in relevant, constructive information and aids in decision making.

Yellow Agate - strengthens heart, gives courage, harmonizes heart, throat and solar plexus, detoxifies system, reduces temperature, sharpens, sight, illuminates, gives balance, eloquence, vitality and joy, mellows, brings prosperity, raises self esteem, balances extremism, aids in reoxygenation of body, regenerates, protects from x-rays, strength, protection, support, aids upset stomach, lungs, depression, lethargy, throat, skin, tumor. Earth, For grounding & balance. For strength, protection and support. Aids strength and courage. Compels truth, promotes good manners, happiness, intelligence, prosperity, longevity, fertility, and good health. Assists in making and keeping friends, helpful to farmers and those interested in growing plants. Aid in restoration of energy, used in healing, and believed to bring wearer happiness, wealth, health, and long life. Increases ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness.

Yellow Aventurine - opens and balances the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It is especially helpful for those who are oversensitive or indecisive, aiding in overcoming any feelings of problems with power and control over your own life. It can help focus intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself, in addition to increasing levels of abundance and prosperity. Yellow Aventurine also enhances creativity.

Yellow Jade - Yellow Jade is energetic and stimulating, yet mellow. It brings joy and happiness. Teaches the interconnectedness of all beings.

Yellow Turquoise - Healing and protective also promotes Spiritual Attunement.